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It appears our brothers and sisters to the north
agree with the rest of us "Yanks..."

What does Tennessee do to a State Senator who kills a biker in a hit-and-run accident?
Tennessee names a Highway after the Senator!
Read about the AMA's response.

The links above have most the information you would need to understand the KLR persona.
If, on the other hand, the task of understanding the KLR650 seems insuperable or inconvenient, we have prepared an easily employed device for instantly generating copy. The following KLR650 Phrase Generator has been compiled from no reputable sources and requires no thought whatsoever. Using it, it is possible, with the simple addition of a few participles, conjunctions, hyphens and what-not, to generate hundreds of pages of material. To operate the generator, randomly select one word from each of the four columns below. These may then be strung together in a sequence. The KLR650 Phrase Generator is capable of generating many colorful descriptions. It has been thoroughly tested, but not guarenteed.
The KLR650 is a: .

As seen at the Burning Man Site.

1999 KLR650 (A13) Shop Help

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Exhaust path (Muffler cutaway)

Wiring Diagram

Bottom view of Carby

Looking for a slick "All measurements" Conversion tool?
How about Foot-candles to Meter-candles or Netons to Dynes?

Good Stuff!
Take a look at the Interface!
Download Convert in ZIP format

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