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My Ride...
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What can I say about the side rack? I made it from 1/2" rigid conduit and painted it dark grey. It is a direct rip off from the real ones sold at Driveline...(where they do it the right way: MIG welded, powder coated, quality, you know ;^)

I realized the unit was as water proof as the stock KLR seat, soft yet tough. The mounting was a snap, two holes drilled down through the rack and fender, spaced as the "legs" or "shafts" of the headrest. The length of the mounts worked out perfect, resting about 1/4" above the rear frame. AND the back rest can be removed by simply pulling it up!
The backrest started life as a headrest for a 1988 Suzuki Samurai JX (a Jeep like SUV). As there are several model years of the Suzuki with this type of headrest, measure the spread of the "legs": 8.75 inches is correct, there are some with 8 and there may be others. 8.75 is important as the "legs" will clear the rear tire movement when installed and the bike is loaded.

  1. Get the part. I bought mine at an auto dismantler (wrecking yard) for $5.00.
  2. Find a SHARP .390 inch drill, you can use a 3/8 (.375) inch but will have to "ream" the hole for a good fit.
  3. Place a strip of masking tape across the rack just in front of the tool box (on the A13 anyway).
  4. Using the recently acquired headrest (soon to be called backrest) mark the locations on the tape of the holes you will be soon drilling. The holes must be slightly ahead of the front edge of the tool kit resting place
  5. Un-secure any wiring under the rear fender that is running above the frame and adjust it out of the path of the drill bit, I used a rubber band to hold the wires together over the tire and clear of danger while I drilled.
  6. Try to have your drill bit as perpendicular to the rack as possible when you drill, the holes should be at 90 degrees from the surface of the rack for the best look and fit.
  7. Slip the backrest into place for the first time.
  8. Check for clearances under the fender and re-attach the wiring to its original location.

Then of course there is the UFO front fender, what can I say, it mounted as sweetly as Arrowhead Motorsports delivery time!
Your basic UFO mounting instructions:

  1. Get the front tire off the ground, FIRMLY supporting the bike.
  2. REMOVE the front tire
  3. Put front axle BACK in the mounting holes (lining up the fork legs for you)
  4. Pull loose the bottom of the fork boot and pull them up and out of the way.
  5. LOOSELY assemble the fender and brackets on the fork legs
  6. Work the bottom of the fork boots into/under the fender-mounting bracket wings, but NOT the clamps.
  7. TIGHTEN every thing down
  8. Remove the axle
  9. Replace the wheel and check alignment of fender (repeat step 6 if needed)
  10. Check ALL bolts/nuts and replace cotter key or stay clips on axle

Stock muffler exhaust flow

My muffler exhaust flow modification 1

My muffler exhaust flow modification 2

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