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This site showcases Kawasaki KLR's and includes everything from pictures, to general news, to racing news, to instructions for new KLR owners. Enjoy the site, and if you have any suggestions, please eMail me.

Picture Gallery I
For pictures of various on the road clicks, click on the following link: Road Pictures

Picture Gallery II
For pictures of various KLR Modifications, click on the following link: Mods and fixes

Picture Gallery III
For pictures of an A13 OEM exhaust surgery, click on the following link: Tweety Hunting

Picture Gallery IV
For pictures of mounting the Garmin eTrex to the cockpit of a KLR A13, click on the following link: GPS@home

Picture Gallery V
For pictures of Chuck's short list of all time Great Dual Sport Bikes, click on the following link: I WANT!

Picture Gallery VI
For Chuck's La Page De Thumbnail D'Art De Klr, click on the following link: The KLR Louvre

Picture Gallery VII
For Chuck's "Road to the in-laws", click on the following link: The road I will travel often!

Headline News
Connect with live local Sacramento and Central valley news, U.S. Top Stories and International/ Interdenominational Religious news.

Racing News
Up to the moment Motor Sport News feeds from around the globe.

For New KLR Owners
Owners of new KLR's need to access "the" knowledge base to know how to break the engine in so they don't cause damage or have future problems. This list also discusses maintenance issues for new owners and seasoned pro's alike. You can also find the most entertaining candid commentary here written by real people. Approx 5933 members and growing!

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KLR Modifications
A link to modifications I feel is of value for safety, performance or just cool looks.

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