Chuck and Laurie MacKarness: Partners in ownership and operation, Gallery Jewelers and MacKarness Gallery.
We are now an internet only store!
Our original photographs are limited in print and feature local and exotic settings. We have matted and framed as well as just matted, ready for your favorite frame!
We are no longer open to the retail public, but on the internet 24/7!
All of the paintings we display are original, oil or acrylic on canvas. Ready to be framed or displayed as is. Prices from under $100.00!
We are closed to all retail walk in public.
We are a small family owned business, not part of a giant conglomerate or chain of franchise stores. Our goal is to provide original art and quality jewelry to you at family prices. Our overhead is low, our location is on a busy street, not in a high rent super mall. Come see us, gaze at the original paintings, take one home! I am sure you will enjoy the comfortable no pressure atmosphere.
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