Art, like anything else that takes imagination, inspiration, passion and emotion; it can keep you grounded or take you to another place or time.   Art can evoke strong emotional reactions, create controversy or promote peace and harmony. It can tell stories or depict ideas; it can be realistic or abstract. However, for some people, the most important issue in art is that it expresses or stirs emotions. Art can be a record of what the artist is feeling and, at the same time, it can bring about emotional reactions in the viewer. Art is about feeling and expression, for both creator and viewer.   Most of my work is abstract; it encourages free association and allows the viewer to establish his or her own meaning. Most of my art won't tell you what it's about, you must experience it for yourself and understand it in your own way, and because of this everyone perceives it differently.   Most of my paintings are done without tools. I find the energy flows the strongest when there is no obstruction between the canvas and me. This allows me to be more expressive, spontaneous and uncontrolled. Painting directly with my hands allows me to be free and arbitrary, giving the paintings a life of their own, a personality different from the rest.   When detail is needed, a pallet knife is used, again, creating some flowing motion with desired ambiguity.   Painting for some is a way of life, for me it helps me experience life. Everything I see, everything I encounter is a potential painting. Life inspires me, my outlet for that inspiration, is to paint. Thank you for visiting and reading!   Laurie Mackarness  About Us